Course curriculum

  • 02
    Science and History Behind Laser Therapy
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    • What is Cold Laser Therapy?
    • History of Laser Therapy
    • How Does Cold Laser Therapy Work?
    • Laser Therapy Article
    • Science and History Quiz
  • 03
    Preparing to Laser
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    • Contraindications
    • Utilization of Protective Eyewear
    • Correct Laser Application
    • How to Use the Class 3 Hand Held Laser
    • Veterinary (red) Hand Held Laser Overview
    • How to Use the Class 4 Laser
    • Preparing to Laser Quiz
    • Homework Assignment
  • 04
    Laser Applications
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    • General Laser Protocols
    • Small Animal Laser Applications
    • Small Animal Cheat Sheet
    • Small Animal Dermatitis Demo with Class 4 Laser
    • Equine Laser Applications
    • Equine Cheat Sheet
    • Veterinary (Red) Hand Held Laser Protocol Sheet
    • Equine TMJ demo with Class 3 Laser
    • Equine Saddle Sores Demo with Class 3 Laser
    • Red Light Therapy
    • Principles Behind Laser Acupoint Therapy
    • Laser Acupoint Protocols
    • Want to learn more about acupressure and Chinese Medicine?
    • Equine Acupoints Reference Sheet
    • Using Cold Laser with other Modalities
    • Want to learn other modalities?
  • 05
    Acupoint Cases
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    • Horse with Anhidrosis
    • Dog with Constipation
    • Horse with Arthritis
    • Antiviral Session for Horse
    • Dog Foreleg Strengthening
    • Young Horse with Limb Deformities
    • Horse with Neck Pain
    • Horse with Hip and Sacrum Pain
  • 06
    Completing Your Certification
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    • Completing Your Certification
    • Written Case Study Example
    • Example Acupoint Stimulation Case Study Video
    • Consent and Release Form
    • Submit your Written Case Study
    • Submit your Video Case Study
    • Pay your Certification Processing Fee
    • Final Exam
    • Affiliate Program Commission Schedule and Incentives
    • Check Out Our Angel's Animals Attire!

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