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  • Level I Reiki Attunement

    Receive a Level I Reiki Distance Attunement from Dr. Angel and begin sending healing energy to animals.

  • Level II Reiki Attunment

    Receive a Level II Reiki Distance Attunement from Dr. Angel and begin utilizing the sacred symbols to enable you to perform distance sessions.

  • Master Level Attunment

    Receive a Master Level Distance Attunement from Dr. Angel. Learn the Master Symbol and learn how to attune others so you can teach Reiki and spread the Reiki healing knowledge to others.

Course curriculum

    1. Recommendations

    2. Consent and Release Form

    3. Benefab Therapeutic Products

    1. Chakras

    2. Reiki Level One

    3. Reiki Assignment #1

    4. Meditation Exercises

    5. Reiki Healing Music

    6. Self Healing Journal Student Example

    7. Reiki Assignment #2

    8. Performing Reiki on Animals Presentation

    9. Performing Reiki on Animals Download

    10. Reiki Demo with Tabitha the French Bulldog

    11. Animal Reiki Ethics

    1. Level Two Presentation

    2. Level Two Download

    3. Distance Reiki Demo with Beulah the Pig

    4. Reiki Assignment #3

    5. Color Therapy

    6. Crystal Healing for Animals

    7. Reiki for End of Life Transitions

    8. Reiki Assignment #4

    1. Safety

    2. Canine Behavior, Handling and Safety

    3. Feline Communication

    4. Equine Behavior, Handling and Safety

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  • 40 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

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