• Improving Efficiency

    Learn how to deal with uncooperative dogs, cats and horses while assessing and treating them.

  • Reducing Risk

    Learn proper restraining methods to reduce risk and injury to the animals, yourself, staff and owners.

  • Incorporating Other Modalities

    Which modality will the animal respond best to? Learn how to customize treatment protocols.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Course Introduction
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  • 02
    Animal Body Language
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    • Canine Body Language
    • Dog Personality Types
    • Feline Communication
    • Cat Personality Types
    • Equine Body Language
    • Horse Personality Types
    • Quiz - Animal Body Language
  • 03
    Animal Handling and Restraining
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    • Canine Handling and Restraint
    • Proper Cat Handling
    • Equine Handling and Restraint
    • Working with Uncooperative Animals
    • Quiz - Animal Handling and Restraining
  • 04
    Bodywork Modalities
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    • Animal Bodywork Modalities
    • Quiz - Animal Bodywork Modalities

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