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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Kinesiology Tape

    2. Introduction to Kinesiology Tape PowerPoint for Download

    1. Recommendations

    2. Instructions for Ordering Tape

    3. Coupon for Ordering Hestaband Tape

    4. Handling and Cutting the Tape

    5. Kinesiology Tape Update

    6. Manual for Download

    7. Benefab Therapeutic Products

    8. StripHair Tool Review

    9. StripHair Tool

    1. Equestrian Taping Protocols

    2. Equestrian Taping PowerPoint for Download

    3. Equestrian Foot Pain Taping Demo

    4. Equestrian Back Pain and Support Taping Demo

    5. Equestrian Forward Shoulders Correction Taping Demo

    6. Equestrian Knee Pain Taping Demo

    1. Vitals

    2. Causes of Lameness

    3. Common Stress Points

    1. Equine Muscular Anatomy

    2. Equine Taping Protocols

    3. Equine Taping Protocols PowerPoint for Download

    4. Poll Pain Reduction Taping

    5. Unilateral Atlas Pain Reduction Taping

    6. Neck Pain Reduction Taping

    7. TMJ Pain Reduction Taping Demo

    8. Inflammation Reduction Taping Demo

    9. Suspensory Ligament Support Taping Demo

    10. Supporting the Tendons and Ligaments of the Lower Leg Demo

    11. Hock Taping Demo with Use of Sticky Spray

    12. Longissimus dorsi Support Taping Demo

    13. Lung Meridian Taping Demo

    14. Scar Taping

    15. Research Article

    16. Proper Tape Removal

    17. Equine Taping Protocols Quiz

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