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Course curriculum

    1. Course Requirements

    1. Welcome!

    2. Teaching Assistants

    3. Student Achievement Program

    4. Introduction to Equine Massage

    5. Terms and Conditions

    1. Animal Massage Laws by State (USA)

    2. How to Upload Video Assignments from YouTube

    3. Manual for Download

    4. Recommendations

    5. FB Group for Practice Growth

    6. Consent and Release Form

    7. Practice Hours Log Sheet

    1. Cellular Biology

    2. Cellular Biology Quiz

    3. Anatomy Terms

    4. Anatomy Terms Quiz

    5. Equine Integumentary System

    6. Integumentary System Quiz

    7. Equine Digestive System

    8. Digestive System Quiz

    9. Equine Respiratory System

    10. Respiratory System Quiz

    11. Equine Cardiovascular System

    12. Cardiovascular System Quiz

    13. Equine Lymphatic System

    14. Lymphatic System Quiz

    15. Equine Skeletal System

    16. Skeletal System Quiz

    17. Equine Musculature System

    18. Musculature System Quiz

    19. Muscular Anatomy with Dr. Broadhurst

    20. Equine Fascia, Tendons and Ligaments

    21. Fascia, Tendons and Ligaments Quiz

    22. Equine Nervous System

    23. Nervous System Quiz

    24. Massage and Anatomy

    25. Massage and Anatomy Quiz

    26. Optional Homework Assignment

    27. Horses Inside Out

    28. Tips for the Massage Practitioner from Sharon Cooper: Strokes, anatomy, saddle fit, building your business and more

    1. Vitals

    2. Vitals Quiz

    3. Causes and Evaluation of Lameness

    4. Causes and Evaluation of Lameness notes

    5. Causes and Evaluation of Lameness Quiz

    6. Horse Gait Video

    7. Gaited Horse Videos

    8. Common Stress Point Locations

    9. Palpating Stress Points

    10. Clip from workshop

    11. Equine Pathology

    12. Pathology Quiz

    13. Equine Evaluation Demonstration

    14. Equine Evaluation Grading Rubric

    15. Equine Massage Evaluation Assignment

    1. Massage Preparation for the Therapist

    2. Massage Preparation Notes

    3. Massage Preparation for the Horse

    4. Massage Preparation Quiz

    5. StripHair Tool Review

    6. StripHair Tool

    7. Contraindications to Massage

    8. The Power of Intent

    9. Proper Posture

    10. Palpation with Prosecco

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