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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Kinesiology Tape

    2. Introduction to Kinesiology Tape PowerPoint for Download

    1. Manual for Download

    2. Instructions for Ordering Tape

    3. Handling and Cutting the Tape

    4. Benefab Therapeutic Products

    1. Human Taping Protocols

    2. Human Taping Protocols PowerPoint for Download

    3. Foot Pain Taping Demo

    4. Back Pain and Stability Taping Demo

    5. Knee Pain and Stability Taping Demo

    6. Human Taping Quiz

    1. Vitals

    2. Evaluating Lameness

    3. Causes of Lameness

    1. Canine Muscular Anatomy

    2. Canine Anatomy Review

    3. Canine Taping Protocols

    4. Canine Taping Protocols PowerPoint for Download

    5. Proper Use of Sticky Spray

    6. Medial Shoulder Instability Taping

    7. Alternative Hip and Knee Tapings

    8. Cervical Taping Demo

    9. Canine Carpal Taping Demo

    10. Shoulder Taping Demo

    11. Longissimus dorsi Support Taping

    12. Knee Support Demo

    13. Hind End Support Taping Demo

    14. Complex Case 1 - Disc Herniation

    15. Complex Case 2 - Severe Arthritis

    16. Complex Case 3 - Degenerative Myelopathy

    17. Proper Tape Removal

    18. Canine Taping Quiz

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