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Course curriculum

  • 01
    Introduction to Equine Massage
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  • 02
    Equine Anatomy
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    • Cellular Biology
    • Anatomy Terms
    • Equine Integumentary System
    • Equine Digestive System
    • Equine Respiratory System
    • Equine Cardiovascular System
    • Equine Lymphatic System
    • Equine Skeletal System
    • Equine Musculature System
    • Equine Fascia, Tendons and Ligaments
    • Equine Nervous System
    • Massage and Anatomy
    • Optional Homework Assignment
  • 03
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    • Causes and Evaluation of Lameness
    • Causes and Determination of Lameness Download
    • Common Stress Point Locations
    • Palpating Stress Points
    • Horse Gait Video
    • Gaited Horse Videos
    • Equine Pathology
    • Vitals
  • 04
    Getting Ready to Massage
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    • Massage Preparation for the Therapist
    • Massage Preparation for the Horse
    • Review of StripHair Tool
    • View StripHair Tool
    • Contraindications to Massage
    • The Power of Inent
  • 05
    Foundation Massage Techniques
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    • Foundation Massage Strokes
    • Foundation Massage Techniques PowerPoint for Download
    • Homework
    • Homework Example - Effleurage Strokes
    • Homework Example - Kneading, Compression Strokes
    • Homework Example - Muscle Squeezing, Picking Up, Wringing Strokes
    • Homework Example - Shaking and Friction Strokes
    • Homework Example - Skin Rolling and Vibration Strokes
    • Homework Example - Tapotement Clapping, Cupping, Hacking and Beating Strokes
    • Exam one
  • 06
    Behavior, Handling and Safety
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    • Equine Behavior, Handling and Safety Part 1
    • Equine Behavior, Handling and Safety Part 2
    • Horse Personalities: Variations in Breeds (article)
    • First Aid
    • Proper Use of a Step Stool During Massage
  • 07
    Massage Techniques
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    • Swedish Relaxation Massage
    • Swedish Massage PowerPoint for Download
    • Shiatsu Demo
    • TMJ Massage
    • Shiatsu Massage Presentation
    • Shiatsu pdf for download
    • TMJ Massage PowerPoint for Download
    • Myofascial Massage
    • Myofascial Massage PowerPoint for Download
    • Core Muscle Stim (CMS) Demo
    • Core Muscle Stim tool
    • Gua Sha Demo
    • Aromatherapy
    • Full Massage Student Demo with Feedback
    • Massage Guidelines for Different Disciplines
  • 08
    Physical Therapy
    Show details
    • Equine Biomechanics
    • Stretches
    • Stretches PowerPoint for Download
    • Hydrotherapy
    • Heat and Cold Therapy
    • Electrotherapy, Ultrasound and Laser
    • Review of Electrotherapy Devices for Horses
    • Laser Meridian Therapy Demo
    • Therapeutic Ultrasound Demo
    • Functional Electric Stimulation Demo
    • Whole Body Vibrational Therapy
    • EquiVibe Demo
  • 09
    Basic Saddle Fit
    Show details
    • Basic Saddle Fit
    • Saddle Fit Video
    • Western Saddle Fit Video
  • 10
    Business, Record Keeping and More
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    • Record Keeping
    • Record Keeping PowerPoint for Download
    • Scope of Practice
    • Animal Massage Laws by State (USA)
    • Veterinary Referral Letter Example
    • Veterinary Treatment Letter Example
    • Code of Ethics
    • International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork (IAAMB)
    • Running a Business
    • Certification Completion
    • Case Study and Video Grading
    • Case Study Example One
    • Case Study Example Two
    • Practice Hours Log Sheet
    • Continuing Education Credits
    • Final Exam
    • Consider Becoming an Affiliate!

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