Course curriculum

    1. Overview of Fascia

    2. Myofascial Article by Vibeke Sødring Elbrønd and Rikke MarkSchultz

    3. Properties of Fascia

    4. How Fascia Interacts with other Systems

    1. Manual Myofascial Releases

    2. Instrument Assisted Myofascial Release

    3. Robert Schleip 'Fascia as internal sensor' Lecture

    4. Dry Needling to Reduce Myofascial Trigger Points

    5. Cupping For Animals

    6. Kinesiology Taping

    7. How to apply kinesiology tape for inflammation reduction

    8. How to apply kinesiology tape to support the knee of a dog

    9. Fascial Taping Example

    10. Affecting Fascial Through Postural Changes

    11. More Information about using Sure Foot pads

    12. Stretches

    1. Wrapping it Up

    2. Continuing Education Credits

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