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This course was developed to teach equine professionals and owners how to apply kinesiology tape to horses.  This course goes over the background of kinesiology tape, explains in detail how it works and demonstrates numerous applications to decrease pain, support specific muscles and joints, decrease inflammation, increase proprioception and increase energy flow through specific meridians.  Equine professionals are eligible for certification through the certification course.

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  • Terms and Conditions
  • Equine Kinesiology Taping Manual for Download
  • Closed Captions
  • Introduction to Kinesiology Tape FREE
  • Introduction to Kinesiology Tape PowerPoint for Download
  • Instructions for Ordering Tape FREE
  • Handling and Cutting the Tape

Taping Equestrians


  • Equestrian Taping Protocols
  • Equestrian Taping PowerPoint for Download
  • Equestrian Foot Pain Taping Demo
  • Equestrian Back Pain and Support Taping Demo
  • Equestrian Forward Shoulders Correction Taping Demo
  • Equestrian Knee Pain Taping Demo

Equine Taping Protocols


  • Equine Muscular Anatomy
  • Equine Taping Protocols
  • Equine Taping Protocols PowerPoint for Download
  • Poll Pain Reduction Taping
  • Unilateral Atlas Pain Reduction Taping
  • Neck Pain Reduction Taping
  • TMJ Pain Reduction Taping Demo
  • Inflammation Reduction Taping Demo
  • Suspensory Ligament Support Taping Demo
  • Supporting the Tendons and Ligaments of the Lower Leg Demo
  • Hock Taping Demo with Use of Sticky Spray
  • Longissimus dorsi Support Taping Demo
  • Lung Meridian Taping Demo
  • Scar Taping
  • Research Article
  • Proper Tape Removal
  • Equine Taping Protocols Quiz
  • Tape Troubleshooting

Soft Tissue Work


  • Soft Tissue Work
  • Soft Tissue Work PowerPoint for Download
  • Gua Sha Demo
  • Human CMS Demo
  • Equine CMS Demo
  • Whole Body Vibrational Therapy
  • EquiVibe


  • Certification Process
  • Certification Processing Fee
  • Case Study Example 1
  • Case Study Example 2
  • Case Study Example 3
  • Continuing Education Credits
  • Final Exam
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About Your Instructor

Dr. Angelique Barbara

Dr. Angelique Barbara

Founder and Instructor

Dr. Angelique Barbara (affectionally called Dr. Angel by many of her clients) is a Doctor of Chiropractic who holds additional degrees in Veterinary Science (B.S.), Equine Science (Minor) and Veterinary Pathobiology (M.S.).  Dr. Barbara has been passionate about animals her entire life and has spent the majority of her life studying animals (both in the classroom and in the field).  She developed her first animal bodywork seminar in 2009.  Since that time, her seminars have grown both in number and popularity and she has fine tuned her seminars and techniques to optimize the learning experience.  Dr. Barbara was one of the first practitioners to start utilizing kinesiology tape on animals and she was so impressed with the results that she decided to develop an entire seminar dedicated to the taping applications she developed.  Her background in both the clinical and research animal health care world as well her experience as a human chiropractor give her a unique perspective on animal bodywork, which is evident in her courses. 

Dr. Barbara has publications in the Journal of Veterinary Science and Microbiology and has presented her research at the Conference of Researchers in Animal Disease (CRAWD) and the International Equine Conference of Laminitis and Diseases of the Hoof.  She is a member of Alpha Zeta Honorary Fraternity, American Quarter Horse Association, American Paint Horse Association and French Bulldog Rescue Network. 



Pain Reduction


Inflammation Reduction

Increased Proprioception

Energy Meridian Tapings

Post Surgical


Dr. Angel has created a course that is both easy to follow and she is so knowledgeable.
Bernadette Lafferty Arizona, USA
I was amazed to see the amount of information available in the Equine Kinesiology Taping Online Course. The anatomy section is thorough. The meridian taping is a thoughtful bonus. I have been doing equine bodywork for a long time and even I had a "light bulb" moment. I highly recommend the courses!
Dee Wesley Georgia, USA
I took the Equine K Taping Course and Dr. Barbara's information was very professionally presented and easy to follow. she is always willing to help at a moments notice. Very impressed and i would highly recommend her courses!
Lisa Wesson Ontario, Canada


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