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Course curriculum

    1. Horse Owner's Manual

    2. Recommendations

    1. Anatomy Terms

    2. Anatomy Terms Quiz

    3. The Lymphatic System

    4. Lymphatic System Quiz

    5. The Skeletal System

    6. Skeletal System Quiz

    7. Musculature System

    8. Musculature Quiz

    9. Fascia, Tendons and Ligaments

    10. Fascia, Tendons and Ligaments Quiz

    11. Horses Inside Out

    1. Horse Vitals

    2. Vitals Quiz

    3. Horse Gaits

    4. Common Stress Point Locations

    5. Palpating Stress Points

    1. Preparing the Horse for the Massage

    2. StripHair Tool Review

    3. StripHair Tool

    4. Contraindications to Massage

    5. Equine Behavior: Prey vs. Predator

    6. Proper Posture

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