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Course curriculum

    1. Animal Massage Laws by US state

    2. How to Upload Video Assignments from YouTube

    3. Recommendations

    4. Consent and Release Form

    1. Skeletal System Review

    2. Skeletal System Quiz

    3. Muscular System

    4. Fascia

    5. Musculature Quiz

    6. Fascia Quiz

    1. Evaluating Lameness

    2. Canine Biomechanics

    3. Canine Movement

    4. Observe Dogs with Spina Bifida Walking

    5. Equine Biomechanics

    6. Normal Horse Gaits

    7. Example of a Tennessee Walker's Gait

    8. Example of a Paso Fino's Normal Gait

    9. Evaluation Quiz

    1. Canine Neurological Exam

    2. Equine Neurological Exam

    3. Neurology Quiz

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Instructor Bio:

Dr. Angelique Barbara (affectionally called Dr. Angel by many of her clients) is a Doctor of Chiropractic who holds additional degrees in Veterinary Science (B.S.), Equine Science (Minor) and Veterinary Pathobiology (M.S.).  Dr. Barbara has been passionate about animals her entire life and has spent the majority of her life studying animals (both in the classroom and in the field).  She developed her first animal bodywork seminar in 2009.  Since that time, her seminars have grown both in number and popularity and she has fine tuned her seminars and techniques to optimize the learning experience.  Dr. Barbara was one of the first practitioners to start utilizing kinesiology tape on animals and she was so impressed with the results that she decided to develop an entire seminar dedicated to the taping applications she developed.  Her background in both the clinical and research animal health care world as well her experience as a human chiropractor give her a unique perspective on animal bodywork, which is evident in her courses. Dr. Barbara has publications in the Journal of Veterinary Science and Microbiology and has presented her research at the Conference of Researchers in Animal Disease (CRAWD) and the International Equine Conference of Laminitis and Diseases of the Hoof.  She is a member of Alpha Zeta Honorary Fraternity, American Quarter Horse Association, American Paint Horse and is the founder of Angel's Animal Sanctuary, a non-profit sanctuary home for animals. 

Dr. Angelique Barbara

Founder and Instructor

Continuing Education

Approved for CE credits through:


“It’s quite the adrenaline rush heading down the trail at 20mph! It’s a lot of leg work for dryland because I squat down as far as I can to keep the wind drag down. Sled is a lot of upper body strength having to manipulate the balance of the sled. The invaluable knowledge I’ve learned taking your courses kept my team in the best physical shape I’ve ever seen them in. I used to think my dog care was pretty top notch. NOW it IS! I managed to get tape to stay on them under their harnesses along their backs and it made some of my dogs stretch out and extend their gaits, increasing their speed. ANMR has been an absolute game changer for us. Dogs that would normally be out for muscle soreness every season didn’t miss a single day this year doing weekly ANMR sessions. Those that had an off gait or something minor out of alignment I was able to fix in one session because I found it instantly and right away rather than weeks down the line when it got bad. While we spent thousand of dollars at the vet chiropractor with every dog visiting at least 2-3 times a season (14 dogs), this last season only 2 dogs visited the chiropractor 1 time and I was able to tell him what was wrong and what they needed and was correct about it. Unbelievably amazing.”

“The Animal Neuro-Myofascial Therapy course was my favourite course out of 6 amazing certification courses thus far. It’s fascinating. I was so enthusiastic about this course that I flew from Canada to Florida to take a four hour workshop from Dr. Barbara . Upon completing the course, my business has also more than doubled, as I was able to use vertebrae alignment techniques that brought instant results. After working with a swayback horse, after 5 weeks the results were incredible, and I don’t think I would have believed it if I hadn’t done the ANMR myself. I’m so confident in my practice due to the learning from Holistic Animal Studies. I am supported by Dr. Barbara and other students on the FB pages on an ongoing basis so I never feel alone or confused, they’ve got my back. I have also been able to help other students, which for me, is my endgame. I encourage everyone to do something that’s just for them by taking just one course from Holistic Animal Studies. 5 Stars.”

“Both these courses (canine kinesiology taping and ANMR) were fantastic and after using other techniques in my clinic for a number of years, ANMR has now become the primary method given how quick it is and the fantastic results it delivers. The courses are presented in a clear, easy to follow manner and the after support is outstanding.”


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Lientjie Grobler

5 star rating

“loved it”

“loved it”

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Rowan Edwards

5 star rating

“Very thorough and great responses!”

“Very thorough and great responses!”

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Sarah Rose

5 star rating

“Another course that I found very interesting, lots of new information and so easy to work through. Thank you so much!”

“Another course that I found very interesting, lots of new information and so easy to work through. Thank you so much!”

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